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Golden Age

20 things that I have discovered during my spring break:

1. Your average person in San Francisco is way friendlier and more outgoing than your average person in any part of Southern California (e.g., I haven't been greeted by this many strangers since I went to Disneyland for my birthday).
2. Your average person in San Francisco is also more likely to own a smart phone of some sort, and play with it on the bus. People don't even have their headphones in on Muni. It's all about the smart phones.
3. Homeless people here are crazier in a more fun/less scary way.
4. Homeless people don't ask for anything, for the most part. They know we know they're there.
5. I can handle going up and a down an elevator 39 floors each time, particularly when there's a wonderful view and amazing mango mojitos at the top.
6. I still *can* walk 10 blocks in stilettos, but I'm much happier when I don't.
7. I feel like a rich adult now, compared with when we visited two years ago, because I can actually afford three meals a day, have a drinky drink with each meal, and then afford to take a cab back to the hotel when I'm out too late. And then go shopping and sightseeing the next day.
8. I much prefer chill vacations, with sightseeing when it's convenient and mostly seeing old friends and exploring the neighborhood.
9. I miss Louisa like CRAZY.
10. Not Skyping with the cat isn't the end of the world, as long as there are multiple people watching him throughout the day.
11. Luke has the most vague way of communicating information possible (I sort of knew this before coming, but I think I truly realized it when he told us to meet for dinner at a streetcorner, and then forgot to mention which restaurant we were actually meeting him at).
12. 24-hour Kinkos are the devil.
13. You really need water when presenting a poster at a conference.
14. There is no way to absorb all the relevant information presented at a conference, even a smaller one like this (CNS). I can't even imagine SFN.
15. No matter how bad your research is, someone will always have worse research than yours.
15a. No one who has imaging data has actually analyzed it before presenting it.
16. Everyone who works with a brain damaged population won't understand why you work with normals.
17. Neuroscience of autism is mostly being studied in adults right now. Why this makes sense is anyone's guess.
18. It doesn't actually take 14 hours to get to and from SF. When you aren't stopping every 15 minutes, it takes less than 7 hours.
19. Butterfly insides are yellow.
20. The GPS doesn't always know where it is, even when it has 18 satellites.

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