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Move You

Sometimes, when I'm really stressed out, I wake up thinking I lost a day or two and that it's actually the day that everything's due. And then I panic until I've found a convincing calendar.

I'm emo about my birthday this year. Not because I'm getting older, maybe because of a few other factors, but mostly because it's going to be depressing. It's the first big event since my grandpa died, and it's my first birthday ever that he won't be there. I don't really feel like doing anything big; I kinda wanted to go to Disneyland but now it seems that that won't happen. So all I'm really doing for my birthday is the depressing family dinner. And that's depressing. I know my mom's trying, but it's like she's the only one, and she's the least capable right now. And of course, at the same time, I don't really want anyone to do anything for me, because it doesn't seem appropriate. I just don't feel like it.

Oswald has decided that he likes hanging out on top of doors. He's been worse since he got neutered. And is having a growth spurt. Why does he do everything wrong?

Back to figuring out how much absolutely needs to be done today...

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